Michael Marrella

Artist Statment

I make what I like to see. I am inspired by the micro details of surfaces. From things in nature, to the accumulations on my studio floor. I make paintings through recreation of a spontaneous process that mimics something natural. Each piece is a provisional production, existing for the moment only to be changed - made new - in a new moment. Refreshed. I proceed through a process of call and response - making paintings on top of paintings. Accumulating a surface, composition and form through additive and subtractive processes. Finishing when it achieves a stillness and coherency - when the many pieces make a whole.







Artist Biography

I graduated with my BA in Studio Arts from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2014. I continue my exploration of painting and drawing on a daily basis. I am interested in color, surface, texture and line, and have a provisional approach to making art.


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