Exhibit EH!

Exhibition Dates

April 26, 2016 - May 21, 2016


Thursday, April 28 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm
  • Exhibit EH!
  • Exhibit EH!
  • Exhibit EH!
  • Exhibit EH!
  • Exhibit EH!
  • Exhibit EH!
  • Exhibit EH!
  • Exhibit EH!

The Painting Center presents Exhibit EH!, an exhibition by Toronto’s 5 Star Collective, a group of talented Canucks who celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding Canadian Artists. The Collective’s Exhibit Eh! will present a slice of Canadian culture and aesthetic as well as a glimpse into the political and social issues being faced north of the border. 

Dedicated to promoting individuals at all career levels, the 5 Star Collective provides opportunities for its members to present their work to a global audience through the participation and involvement in international Art Opportunities. The collective is made up of four accomplished artists who live and work in Toronto, Canada's largest urban and cultural center. These four visionaries offer their unique take on life above the 49th parallel. And yes, they all play hockey.

Participating Artists: David Brown, Christopher Knights, Laurie Skantzos, Raw’n’ Wild

David Brown's abstract encaustic paintings explore a lyrical and constructivist approach, contrasting delicate line-work and hard-edge geometric forms. David's work is inspired by urban culture and chaos with a hint of childish whimsy peaking through the layers.

Christopher Knights’ vision is to create images through the magic and mystery of painting that amalgamate the sculptural beauty of man made objects and biomorphic forms, and merge them with the essence, love and magnificence of nature.

Laurie Skantzos uses intuitive mark making and focused, almost meditative penetration, to search for a resolution that is often facilitated through colour. She explores the relationship between masculine and feminine, while bridging the edges of balance and harmony with a directed boldness.

Raw'n' Wild works on the vanguard of 21st century art-making using digital tools. His Digitial paintings are a montage of up to 100 layers of contemporary imagery and information.

For additional information please contact:

David Brown

c/o 5 Star Collective

416 556 1307



Artists Websites:

David Brown: encausticcollage.com

Christopher Knights: christopherknights.com

Laurie Skantzos: www.laurieskantzos.com

Raw’n’ Wild: http://bit.ly/GgBLW

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