Lecture: The Human Quest for Brighter Colors by Martha Bergman

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March 5, 2016


March 5, 2016 from 4 - 6 pm

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  • Lecture: The Human Quest for Brighter Colors by Martha Bergman

“The Human Quest for Brighter Colors” is a conversation about color science for visual artists and designers at The Painting Center on Saturday, March 5.

Color Science is a 450-year-old interdisciplinary applied science combining the physical, chemical and psychological aspects of how humans see color — how our eyes interact with a limited array of the electromagnetic spectrum and the colorants - pigments and dyes, we use to change colors on surfaces. Color Science is the foundation of all color theories.

Martha Bergman is a painter and retired founder of Gamblin Artists Colors Co., American manufacturer of artistsmaterials.  After returning to the studio she turned her attention to unifying the “additive” and “subtractive” color theories because painters often asked.  She discovered a simplified system that differentiates between hue and color and organizes hues into “VBGYOR” - violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red which is natural arrangement of hues in the human visual spectrum.  Generally, humans prefer to see the brighter colors.  Martha will offer a few historical highlights on colorants such as the evolution of red iron oxide paints made 100,000 years ago to florescent scarlet red spray paint made just now. 

Tablets and smart phones may be useful for reference.

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