Lecture with Mark Golden - Golden Artists Colors

Exhibition Dates

May 7, 2016


May 7, 2016 from 4 - 6 pm

Press Release

  • Lecture with Mark Golden - Golden Artists Colors

The Painting Center is pleased to welcome Mark Golden, the CEO of Golden Artist Colors, and Sarah Sands, the company’s Senior Media Specialist. Sands is an artist who has been advising other artists for over ten years. They will present a lecture decrying the myth of the toxicity of oil paints, as well as discussing the many benefits of utilizing this versatile and environmentally-friendly material.

Golden says, “Almost everything one thinks about oils is wrong, at least from the standpoint of toxicity. Here is a medium perfectly positioned for many of the concerns artists have, a medium made with a binder that is renewable, sustainable, natural, and easy to clean. The only thing that stands in the way of that realization is the constant and mistaken belief that solvents are a necessary part of the package. They aren’t. In a fun and engaging talk, we will explore how oil painting is a medium that can speak to the needs of painters looking for safer ways to work with a material that is at once sensuous, unique, and connected to a rich tradition stretching back more than 600 years.”

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