Bill Hochhausen

  • Bill Hochhausen
  • Bill Hochhausen

Images, form, technique, connections of many kinds are, of course, central to my work; as they are to every artist. But philosophy, the implied order of a particular approach, is not part of my working method. Amazement is where I want to meet the viewer, let theory and formal relations come later. The images shown here; floral and abstract, the teapots in various combinations may be seen as simply as possible, as what they represent. The forms are also symbolic and cultural and want to inspire, in their physical presence, historical connections. I follow intuitive images and develop form through materials. “Through materials” means a lot to me. Material is much more than the mere medium by which the forms are realized, it’s the ‘medium’ through which a deeper investigation of the motivating idea is developed. Each successive work discloses an aspect of the original intuition by means of the sculpture itself. Material and technique as an integral component of the process allow improvisation within the idea, my opening into discovery and invention. But all that is my private fascination as an artist. I wait with the viewer to be amazed.

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